Stephanie Smith joins Susan Barry of Top Floor Podcast to talk all things metasearch, OTA effectiveness, and more.

Podcast Highlights

Stephanie Smith combined her love of hotels, her coder brain, and her knowledge of what was missing in the marketplace to create an agency that caters to branded hotels. That same entrepreneurial spirit led her to develop an AI reporting platform that allows owners and operators to compare performance across brand. Susan Barry and Stephanie talk about measuring OTA effectiveness, why metasearch can be a waste of money, and how tall Shaquille O’Neal really is.

Fast Forward to the Good Parts

  • 00:00 Video Start
  • 00:46 Guest Welcome and Topic Introduction
  • 01:44 Listener Question: Is OTA Effective?
  • 04:23 About Stephanie
  • 09:30 The Future of Hotel Marketing Strategy
  • 14:42 Best and Worst Marketing Practices
  • 16:39 The Impact of Initiatives on Travel
  • 20:01 Business Tips: Budgeting
  • 25:14 Sales & Marketing Predictions
  • 29:51 Cogwheel Reporting Platform: Coming Soon!
  • 32:00 Wrap Up

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