Last month, one of the Digital Summit’s was hosted in Seattle. Content strategy, along with AI and machine learning, were the hot topics on everyone’s radar.  Cogwheel Marketing shares the top insights and cool statistics from the conference.

1 – Most people have content calendars for their content strategy. Two additional columns that may be helpful is categorizing topics into clusters and stage of the funnel (or flywheel) like awareness or consideration.

2 – “Nobody wants your content. They want the things your content is about.”

3 – From IBM Watson Marketing, on average only 0.5% of consumer data is ever analyzed even though over 30% of that is useful. So, the hot new role is “Director of Marketing Data” as those in marketing who are fluent in programming and can bridge the gap between marketing and technology.

4 – During the course of speed dating in the exhibit hall, I feel like I hit a home run on the tools front.  Check out – great design templates, modify images without photoshop and cheap!

5 – Email is a channel for action, not to consume content. So, consider adding a desired 2nd action in the top right of the campaign. Thanks, Active Campaign.

6 – Need to geek out?  Go see Ian over at Portent about using your server log files to do SEO, why a rel canonical is a bandaid, why not to use jump links and a view on server vs client-side rendering. #OverMyHead

7 – If you don’t follow Rand Fishkin on LinkedIn, you should. Via JumpShot, Google for the first time sends less organic traffic as they solve more queries without clicks. As of September 2018, here are Googled desktop CTRs. 

    • Paid: 5.6%
    • Organic: 65.6%
    • No click searches: 34.4%  (Zero-click searches are up 30% in 3 years)

8 – 52% of companies on the Fortune 500 2000 list are dead.  Are you and your brand Courageous?

9 – “82% of marketing dollars are spent when people that see the marketing are not in the market to purchase.” Ouch.  Stolen from Annuitas.

10 – Facebook rewards next post if the last one did well, and vice versa. So you need consistent streaks. Try 3 high engagement, non-promo posts then a promo with a link.

Good times had by all.  The only difficult thing about this conference is there are 3 speakers going on at once, so choose wisely.  PS If Mike Atherton from Facebook is speaking at an upcoming conference, choose another presenter. His screenshots were from 2015…huh?