Cogwheel Marketing’s Stephanie Smith and Cory Falter from the InnSync Show, a part of Lure Agency, discuss the importance of maximizing your brand’s marketing efforts.

In this podcast, we attempt to demystify hotel brand marketing so hoteliers know where enterprise level marketing stops and hotel level marketing begins. Then we take some tangents to talk about dark social, testimonials and more!

Podcast Highlights

  • Where does Brand Marketing Stop and Hotel Marketing begin? (1:04)
  • What tools should branded hotels be using? (4:02)
  • What is Koddi? (5:13)
  • The importance of photography (7:30)
  • The concept of “Dark Social” (10:00)
  • Are video testimonials effective? (11:50)
  • Is your marketing set up for success? (14:51)
  • What differentiates a product from the competitor? (18:57)
  • What’s the “Secret Sauce”? (23:23)

*Originally recorded and posted on YouTube April 2022

More about Cory and Lure Agency

Cory Falter is Principal at Lure Agency where they empower B2B Hospitality companies to identify, convert, and retain more revenue with our proven science and soul marketing methodology. Contact Cory here or on LinkedIn.