The Challenge: Lacking Experience with Paid Campaigns


This case study focuses on a hotel company aiming to boost bookings for their branded hotel in the United States. Prior to engaging with our services, the company had experimented with Google Ads but had not achieved the desired outcomes.


They didn’t have a strategy to build a proper foundation first, so they decided to seek out our help.


The Solution: Creating the Foundation and Further Advertising


Our approach involved several key actions:


  1. Infrastructure Setup:
    • Implementation of essential tools such as Google Analytics, Conversion Tracking, Facebook Pixel, and Conversion Linker.
  2. Keywords Research:
    • Thorough investigation of keywords for effective Search/PPC Campaigns.
  3. SEO-friendly Ad Copies:
    • Crafting compelling and search-engine-optimized ad copies tailored to different campaigns.
  4. UTM Builder URL and More:
    • Utilizing advanced techniques, including UTM builder URLs and other strategies, to maximize campaign performance.


After the foundational work has been done, we developed three distinct campaigns:


  1. Search Campaign (PPC) using Branded Keywords.
  2. Search Campaign (PPC) using Non-Branded, Demand Generator, Accommodations, etc., keywords.
  3. Google Display Campaign utilizing Remarketing Audience (Previous site visitors) and targeting specific audience segments like in-market and affinity audiences.


Results: Proper Strategy Always Pays Off


During the initial month (July 2022), the campaign yielded only 9 bookings with a cost per lead of approximately $100. Although this start was not ideal, we recognized the potential for improvement in targeting, advertisements, and landing pages.


In the second month (August 2022), the number of bookings increased to 26, with the cost per lead dropping to around $38.46.


By the third month (September 2022), the campaign generated 53 bookings, significantly reducing the cost per lead to approximately $18.66.


Our campaign remains ongoing, and we have observed the following highlights:


  • Clicks experienced a 65% growth compared to the previous period.
  • CTR (Click-Through Rate) improved by 70%.
  • Impressions increased by 45%.
  • Conversions showed an impressive 200% growth.
  • Conversion rate saw a 70% improvement.
  • Average Cost decreased by 25%.


Our efforts have proven effective toward enhancing the performance of campaigns and demonstrating positive outcomes related to the Hotel’s booking goals. This Case Study also shows that some digital marketing efforts require a little patience and that you don’t always produce immediate positive results, but it doesn’t mean it will not be worth the strategic effort.