Cogwheel Marketing’s CEO, Stephanie Smith, and Loren Gray, Founder of Hospitality Digital Marketing, discuss the innovations in revenue management in August 2022.

Podcast Highlights:

  • How Marketing doesn’t have a seat at the table of revenue discussion
  • Revenue management is not the only strategy hotels need to face
  • Communication and open-mindedness between marketing and revenue management will help align KPIs
  • The value of consistently educating clients about digital marketing and the associated performance
  • Hotel industry love of the STAR report and the inconsistent distribution of data from major brands
  • The issue of trying to match up Booked Data vs Consumed Data
  • Cogwheel Analytics – the new reporting platform by Cogwheel Marketing

More about Loren Gray and Hospitality Digital Marketing

Loren Gray is the Founder of Hospitality Digital Marketing and Podcast & Live Video Show Host / Keynote Speaker / Published Author / Columnist / Educator– Award-winning Consultant (both international and domestic) for all things digital marketing in the hospitality industry. Get in touch with Loren here or on LinkedIn.