In June 2023, Stephanie Smith, Founder & Digital Matriarch at Cogwheel Marketing, the company behind Cogwheel Analytics spoke with Trevor Grant of Revenue Hub. They discuss the impact to hotels of combining multiple digital marketing datasets.

Hotels face challenges when trying to pull different information from multiple sources and the value of aggregating data from your website marketing, paid social, OTA efforts, etc. all in one place.

Stephanie highlights how the vast majority of data is extracted from the PMS and the limitations of this only showing what has been booked – and asks what is actually happening before the booking is made?

They also explore how adopting this technology can start to turn the view from purely internal analytics to external benchmarking and scorecards, like a STAR reporting for marketing.

  • Are we on pace with other competitor hotels?
  • Is our hotel getting it’s fair share from Google?
  • Is our ROI comparable to other similar properties?

Through the discussion Stephanie will outline her views on why hoteliers can leverage this data more effectively, she will also demonstrate the Cogwheel Analytics solution.

Video Highlights

01:09 Introduction to Cogwheel Analytics
02:35 What was the business problem that drove the development of this solution
05:37 What data is being used and why relevant
09:08 Looking outside not just focused inside and comparing with competition
12:30 Demonstration of Cogwheel Analytics
20:20 Stop relying on typical, and limited, digital marketing metrics
23:05 Summary thoughts and HITEC attendance
26:48 Further videos and subscriber link

Really hope you enjoy the conversation 👍🏻