Stephanie Sparks Smith of Cogwheel Marketing was delighted to join the crew of Hospitality Digital Marketing on September 7, 2019.  My savvy (and funny) co-hosts included:

-Loren Gray of Hospitality Digital Marketing
-Robert Cole of RockCheetah and PhocusWire
-Ed St. Onge of Flip.To
-Stuart Butler of Fuel

Topics of discussion:

  • Limitations of content and SEO on Hilton’s new One Hero Web websites
  • Owner’s misconception about digital marketing efforts provided by the brand
  • Is social media right for all hotels? Determine what moves the needle and measure digital KPIs appropriately
  • Brand proprietary systems and understanding how to work with them and what you can supplement them
  • Which branded systems are best for digital marketing
  • What individual hotels can do to combat AirBNB (Hint: the consensus is nothing at this time)
  • Brand saturation and differentiating a hotel against other branded hotels
  • Hotel digital marketing for branded versus independent hotels and use of personalization by the brand (Fast forward to some good banter around 55 minutes)