For as long as we can remember, IHG, which has brands like Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and many others handled their SEO marketing efforts in-house.

The title and meta descriptions were written by their team as they did not allow input from the hotel directly or anyone who may have handled the marketing on behalf of the hotel. Previously limited by lack of custom optimization, many owners went the route of vanity sites for IHG hotels.

But, evolution is upon us!

Updating of Title and Meta Descriptions On Your IHG Brand Site

We have recently select Holiday Inn Express branded hotels where you can edit the hotel’s metadata on the brand site.

Within IHG Concerto you can search for item #6222 to find the SEO data fields. This is a huge win for the hotel!

This allows you to take control of your Search Engine Optimization and Content Strategy by marketing to the hotels local market.

By selecting your city and inputting your demand generator keywords into the titles and meta descriptions, this allows for you to be competitive in the local market by speaking their language.

Update your SEO City Name and Hotel Page Title
Modify the page title and meta description on a per page basis
Modify title and meta descriptions on additional pages

Functionality Availability in Concerto

We are excited to see this coming into play though it is not widespread yet. Not all Holiday Inn Express hotels have fields that are editable and so far we can see the fields for a Holiday Inn but they are currently marked as “read-only”.

But, no fear! Email the IHG Ignite team at to have it updated for you.

Currently, they will update the 4 Primary Pages:

  • Home
  • Dining
  • Things to do
  • Packages

How to Optimize Limited Time Features

For additional ways you can “SEO” your IHG brand site check out our blog about how to leverage LTF (Limited Time Features) for Search Engine Optimization for IHG hotels.