Are you struggling to win the direct booking “war”? Wondering if it’s even possible for non-branded properties without massive marketing budgets to beat the OTAs at their own game, and drive more bookings to their website?

Watch this discussion involving top Direct Booking experts to discover the answers to those questions and more – and to get actionable tips that will help your property boost your direct booking conversion rate TODAY!

Highlights of the video:

  • Is it possible for non-branded properties, with smaller marketing budgets, to win the direct booking “war”? If so, how?
  • What technology tools are necessary to succeed in today’s dynamic online marketplace?
  • What is the buyer psychology at the time of arrival on your website, and what experience should they get, to increase your direct booking conversion rate?
  • How will direct booking and website technology evolve in the next 5 years?

The Direct Booking Experts:

** This is an online event conceived and produced by Jurrnee and Revenue Hub in October 2022