In this podcast recording, Stephanie Smith, Founder of Cogwheel Marketing, and Trevor Grant of Revenue Hub, have an in-depth conversation about performing the proper marketing audit.

Stephanie outlines why she feels the ideology around the digital marketing budget needs to evolve, rather than asking the question “How much am I going to spend?” we should be asking “Am I spending in the right place?” – and this is where the marketing audit comes in as a first step.

It is about fixing problems in your customer journey, not about tactics.

Highlights from Podcast on Hotel Marketing Audit

  • Why is a marketing audit so important (3:00)
  • Problems a hotel marketing audit can identify (6:00)
  • Ecospheres – Social, Reviews, Google, OTAs (7:30)
  • Competitive set – Moving beyond traditional hotel competitor analysis (11:34)
  • Evaluate what you’re doing well or not doing well (17:33)
  • Surely a 12 month budget is not realistic (21:19)

How to Conduct an Audit of your Hotel’s Total Online Presence

To learn more about the problems you could potentially identify with your hotel, we break out the steps to how to view your total online presence.

*This podcast was originally recorded and reposted with permission from Revenue Hub. Full transcript available at Revenue Hub.