On November 18, 2020, Stephanie Sparks Smith sat down with Kristi White of Knowland to review hotel digital marketing and how to pivot for recovery.

Highlights from this episode:

Where Hotels Should Focus their Limited Marketing Dollars:

  • Focus on in-market travelers. Don’t waste money on people not interested in travel.
  • Determine who is traveling put focus there to get in front of that traveler.
  • Drive market is expanding – think more local.
  • Leverage cheaper channels like content marketing and social media.

Increase in Call-In Reservations

  • Guests don’t trust that the info is current on hotels’ websites.
  • People are also eating more at on-site restaurants. Expect a higher capture ratio if your hotel restaurant is open.
  • Hotels must do a better job of communicating changes and what is available at the hotel to reduce the chances of a disappointed guest upon arrival.

Best Practices to Ease by into Digital Spending:

  • Start by updating all content on websites, OTA, social media, etc.
  • Update images to promote the hotel in a better way and display why they should stay there
  • Hotels should work with their OTA market managers to get market insights
  • Redefine why a guest should stay with your hotel based on current changes brought on by Covid-19

How can Hotels Leverage Social Media Now

  • Show and promote cleaning procedures.
  • Showcase new technology that will ensure guest safety.
  • Share information on changes and happenings within the local community.
  • Use it to build community by sharing stories and happenings.

ONE Thing Hotels should NOT be Doing Right Now

Skip MetaSearch and focus on channels that drive incremental exposure and revenue

Do NOT Wait…in Hotel Marketing

  • Don’t wait until business returns to create a marketing plan!
  • Create a plan utilizing tiers to implement as segments of business return.
  • Review and update foundational processes and procedures so you are ready for the return of business.

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