Everyone probably already knows this little trick, but I thought I would throw it out there.

When you run Facebook campaigns, you can target reach, traffic, conversions, video views and the list goes on. This trick works best if you went after engagements. One of the reasons why is the secondary way to target and engage with future fans of your business. Many people (hopefully) will like or love the post once you put a few dollars behind a post. Scroll to the post on the respective page and then click on the list of likes of the post. In this picture, you would click on 90.

You will see list of people that engaged with the ad. Then just click Invite. Make sure you are doing this while logged into an Admin account, so it will show the Invite option, not Add Friend option.

There is a small acceptance rate but that means they will see future posts that you don’t have to pay for.

This method works best if you originally create the post organically then boost it or select the ad for promotion within the paid settings. This way you can easily find the post on your main page. Otherwise it is tedious to find that list of likes.

Another side note, Facebook will freeze you if you try to send to many invites at one time, so space them out. A hundred or less invites a day usually won’t trigger a freeze. But, if you do get frozen, it only lasts a day.