Maps have become an indispensable tool for travelers. Whether it’s a quick getaway or a business trip, accurate navigation is crucial to ensuring a smooth journey. However, even with the advancements in mapping technology, errors can still occur, leading to misplaced locations on various mapping platforms. 


Accurate hotel locations are paramount for a seamless travel experience. Guests rely on precise mapping to reach their destinations promptly. By updating location in navigation apps, you contribute to the overall improvement of the travel ecosystem, benefiting both travelers and the hospitality industry.


Verify the Error: Before making any changes, ensure that the hotel’s location is indeed incorrect on the map. Double check the address on the official website and compare it to the pin on the map. 


Steps to Update Maps:


1. Google Maps

To report an incorrect location on Google Maps, open the Google Maps app, find the hotel’s location, tap on the marker, and select “Suggest an edit.” Then, choose the “Wrong place or other” option and provide the correct details along with a brief explanation. If you have access to the Google Business Profile, you can also make edits through the profile or move the pin from the wrong location to the correct one.

Claim or Verify your Business > Log into Google My Business > Suggest an Edit > Change name or other details > Edit map location

Screenshot from Google Maps

Screenshot from Google Maps

2. Apple Maps

To update hotel locations on Apple Maps, you can use the “Report an Issue” feature. Open the Maps app, find the hotel, swipe up on the information card, and tap on “Report an Issue.” Follow the prompts to submit the correction.

To Access Apple Maps Connect, go to the Apple Maps Connect website. You will need an Apple ID to login > Create an account > Search for your Business on Apple Maps and claim the listing > Edit information or reach out to support for assistance.


For branded hotels, submit a ticket a through the brand support to correct the map pin.


3. OpenStreet Map

– As a collaborative platform, that feeds from OpenStreetMap allows users to make edits directly. Sign up for an account, locate the hotel on the map, and use the edit tools to adjust the location or add missing information. This highly detailed map dataset is used in Garmin products too.

OpenStreet Map Screenshot example


4. Here Maps or HERE WeGo

– If you notice an error on Here Maps, go to their website or use the Here WeGo app. Click on the hotel’s location, choose “Report a map error,” and follow the instructions to suggest the correct information. HERE maps data is updated on a weekly basis to ensure the freshest map data availability. Its supplies map content to Garmin, Amazon Fire tablets and many car companies.

Sign-up for Here Maps here:

HERE WeGo Maps Screenshot example


5. Waze

– While Waze primarily relies on user reports for real-time traffic information, you can still submit a map issue. Tap on the “Search” icon, select the hotel, tap “More Info,” and choose “Flag an issue.” Describe the problem and submit your correction.

Also, you can create or login to your Waze account > report an issue or suggest an edit by tapping on the relevant location on the map > follow the prompts to make necessary edit > submit the edits

Waze Screenshot Example


6. Bing Maps

To update hotel locations on Bing Maps, visit the Bing Maps website, find the hotel’s location, and click on “Feedback” in the lower-right corner. Describe the error and provide the correct details.

Also, you can access Bing Places for Business website and login/create account > add or claim your business as the owner > edit the map or business information > submit changes


For branded hotels, reach out to brand support to correct the pin location.


It is important to note that while Bing Places for Business allows you to manage your business information on Bing Maps, you do not have direct control over editing the underlying map data itself. 

Bing Screenshot Example



  • Include as much specific information as possible when submitting corrections, such as the correct address, GPS coordinates, and nearby landmarks.
  • If the pin keeps moving back to the location, for branded hotels, reach out to the brand support to fix it from the source that’s feeding to different channels.
  • Be patient as it may take some time for the changes to reflect on the maps, as the corrections go through a verification process by the respective mapping providers.


Ensuring that branded hotels appear accurately on mapping applications is a significant contribution to the travel community. By following the brand-specific steps provided for popular navigation apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, OpenStreetMap, Here, Waze, and Bing Maps, you play a crucial role in enhancing the travel experience for millions of people worldwide.


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