On July 22nd, AAHOA led a webinar of panelists as part of their ongoing learning series. The panelists were a group of hoteliers whose focus was in Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management, also known as Commercial Strategy.

The Powerhouse of Panelists included:

The jam packed session answered some of the following questions:


  • Which market segments and hotel segments will recover quickly, and which will take a longer time?   
  • How do we find out who is still traveling or planning to travel in the coming months?


  • What will clients care about in the future when choosing a hotel and how do we message that to potential clients? 
  • How can Marketing assist Sales in reaching their audience in a way that is still empathetic? 
  • How can you leverage social media during this time?
    With our marketing budget being cut, what suggestions do you have to get more people to our hotel? See Cogwheel Marketing’s blog on where to spend your marketing dollars in a post-Covid world.
  • What packages should hotels be running during Covid? See Cogwheel Marketing’s blog on hotel packages and other drive market strategies.


  • How can Marketing assist Sales in reaching their audience in a way that is still empathetic? 
  • What are qualities needed for a top sales performer? How do you identify top performers and how can I get more out of my sales manager/team?

Revenue Management

  • How can we change the way we budget so we can adjust quickly to changing uncertainty about revenues?
  • Going into 2021 budgeting season, what should we base our budgeting on, 2020 or 2019?

BONUS Feature:

Amy Infante of GitGo shared some awesome data points on the webinar on who is booking hotel stays during Covid. These great B2B data points highlight both the past 3 months and future 3 months.

Listen to the Entire Recording

To listen to the entire recording including Q&A, please register HERE. You do not have to be an AAHOA member to listen and learn.