Oh my, so many resources, so many that think they know it all. Well, news flash, it’s a bunch of speculation. I put together a list of trusted resources and you can glean as you see fit.

My Favorites

Fuel Travel Crisis Management Resources – This is a MASTER LIST with sorting functions and pulls from many other resources

Adara Travel Trends Tracker – Track travel-related consumer behavior and identify key trends. Looking for an upswing (hopefully in a few weeks)

Screen Pilot – Related specifically to social media guidance and communication, that differ from some *ahem* big brands.

HSMAI Global – Resources shared from a variety of resources

From Cogwheel Marketing

Updating 3rd Party Sites with Covid-19 Attributes – Be sure to advertise your cleanliness and safety guidelines on sites other than your own.

Getting Back to Business: Tangible, Tactical Business Idea Generation for Hotels – A panel of sales, marketing and revenue management experts get down and dirty with advice and strategy.

Recovery Strategies for Branded Hotels – Leverage brand resources and combine with local efforts for cohesive marketing strategy as your market reopens.

Target Drive Market – Leisure, transient markets are expected to start traveling first. Time to get creative!

Temporary Closure Checklist – Written by Cogwheel Marketing which includes step by step what websites and systems need to be updated if you need to temporarily suspend operations.

Cash Now for Future Travel – A list of 3 websites that offer ideas and listings for revenue now and future bookings.

Non-Marketing Resources

AAHOA Disaster Preparedness – You do NOT have to be an AAHOA member to take advantage of these resources.


Hospitality Digital Marketing – Live Show Every Friday at 1130am EST – This one focuses on hospitality news within marketing and technology for hotels

Fuel Hotel Digital Marketing – Another weekly podcast dedicated to hotel digital marketing, but more dedicated to strategy and tactics. Check out their most recent episode, “How to Nail Hotel Messaging During a Global Crisis”

Live Long Lodging – There are doing a mini series on Coronavirus within hospitality.