It is no secret that the hospitality industry is sitting in the front row on the struggle bus during this unprecedented time. If you’re finding your hotel having cash flow problems, we have found a few options for you to consider taking advantage of. 

Option 1: 

The “We Travel Forward” site is a directory listing of hotels offering gift cards/gift certificates that can be purchased now, and redeemed at a later time.

Don’t have a special rate or package? No problem, you can simply link your hotel’s booking page to your listing. This is a great way to set up a special rate for your hotels for travelers looking into future travel as well as exposing any of your hotel’s package offerings. This option, however, is not going to help with immediate cash flow needs, but it will give your hotel more online exposure.

Keep in mind, any hotel can sign up regardless of having an offer or not. The greatest thing about this site is that it is a directory and its free to sign up. You will not have to pay any type of commissions for bookings as everything is linked to your direct site. 

How do I sign my hotel up?

Hotels can submit through the We Travel Forward website directly. Here you will submit your hotel’s name, a brief 150 character description of your property, address, homepage link, photo, link to the specific offer page, and a description of the offer details. It’s that easy!  

Option 2:

Buy Now Stay Later offers a maturating bond that is matured in 60 days. Each bond can be purchased in increments of $100. For example, the hotel bond will be sold now for $100 and will have a value of $150 after the 60 day maturation period. It is up to your hotel team to specify any expirations, blackout dates, restrictions, etc. upfront. The ability to purchase bonds will last only through August 31, 2020. 

There is 0 commission on this; 100% of purchases go directly to the hotel. Buy Now Stay Later suggests the hotel keeps up with the bonds sold at your property with the bond number, date sold, name of purchaser, and contact information. 

How do I sign my hotel up?

Hotels can fill out the form on the Buy Now Save Later website. Here you fill out your hotel’s information and submit. If you have further inquiries check out their FAQ page or email

Option 3:

Porter & Sail is an option for independent hotels only. This site is for your hotel to offer Hotel Credits that can be purchased now and used later.

These “credits” work like a gift card, credits are purchased and future guests can book using those credits once travel is open again. Credits are sold at a “deep discount” to get money in the door of your hotel as it is needed through this time, and all proceeds go directly to the hotel. Credits can also be used on-site in the bar or restaurant if you want to set it up that way, and all credits can be transferred to someone else if the purchaser wants to gift them. 

Additionally, they have partnered with “New York Presbyterian Healthcare Heroes” so each credit that is purchased, an equal amount is given to a healthcare worker. 

How do I sign my hotel up?

Email and someone will reach out to you. 

Before signing up for any of these options, I encourage you to check out their website and read through the FAQs and really consider with your hotel team what kind of cancellation policy and “use by” date ranges you want to offer.